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Topic: Using headphones with second sound card config!
Is there anywhere we have a simple way of explaining how to set up the config when using a second sound card & using headphones to monitor that I can send a pic or e-mail one of my 'Tech' challenged guys who has to phone me EVERY time he's at a gig because he has 'Oldtimers' lol

Pictures would be very good in this case lol

Thanks gang!

P.S. I tried the search & not getting anything. The search is still very hit or miss teamers. I can find stuff on google about VDJ faster then the forum search.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 11 @ 4:53 pm
Never mind, I found it using google, & a screen shot also. Please go ahead & delete this thread lol

Posted Sat 15 Jan 11 @ 5:00 pm
On that note can you not add a feature to delete your OWN posts. That would be helpful in many instances. Thanks.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 11 @ 5:01 pm