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Topic: Free Trial
I have the limited edition and when i click on the "more" button it says that i can try the pro edition for 20 days. Now did i download it first then i hit the 20 day trial button or what...

Posted Sun 08 Aug 10 @ 11:23 am
DJ PhatsoPRO InfinityHercules Support TeamMember since 2005
Virtual DJ is already installed.

Once you click the Trial button, the LE verison you currently have will give you access to the option of the Pro version (v5) for 20 days. Once this period is over, you will be returned to the LE configuration you currently use.

Posted Mon 09 Aug 10 @ 6:27 am
i have a school computer and i dont want to download it on here so how do i just get the free trail for now?

Posted Fri 01 Apr 11 @ 5:02 pm

Posted Fri 01 Apr 11 @ 5:38 pm
how do you get the trial of virtual dj pro. i have the virtual dj home installed. where is the trial button?

Posted Sun 17 Apr 11 @ 9:06 pm
@harrisonkauth - please refer to the post directly previous to yours made by Support Staff. There is no longer a free trial of Pro available.

Posted Mon 18 Apr 11 @ 12:20 am
In Home FREE the trial of Pro features will automatically activate if you have a MIDI controller connected. Or you can go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup and click MORE.

The Pro features will be active for 10 minutes after which it will expire and revert back to limited features of Home FREE:

NOTE: For basic keyboard/mouse use, you do not need to activate this.

Posted Mon 18 Apr 11 @ 7:02 am
natandHome userMember since 2013
were is the trial button can't find it and i really wanna get starting

Posted Fri 14 Jun 13 @ 1:29 am
natandHome userMember since 2013
oh nevermind no more free trial well that was a bummer to bad :) :( :p

Posted Fri 14 Jun 13 @ 1:34 am
You can use VirtualDJ Home FREE to try out the software.:

Pro features such as MIDI controllers, advanced sound card config, etc. are limited to 10 minutes at a time, but you can restart the software as many times as you need to gain a further 10 minutes.

If you are just using mouse/keyboard, then Home FREE can be used as long as you like, providing it's for non-commercial home use. To use VIrtualDJ at gigs where you are being paid, you will need to purchase the software:

Posted Fri 14 Jun 13 @ 4:26 am
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Posted Fri 14 Jun 13 @ 2:24 pm
i wanna try it before i buy it

Posted Fri 16 Dec 16 @ 5:10 am
locodogPRO InfinityMember since 2013
Download v8 you'll get as many 10 minute trials as you like.

Posted Fri 16 Dec 16 @ 5:45 am