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No license user
Posted Sat 27 Mar 10 @ 4:13 pm
I'm new to djing and just do it for fun at local raves. I thought it would be pretty cool to create a few samples like "DJ CJ in the mix" and stuff like that, just wondering how you guys would go about doing it? Use a mic an do it your self and add some effects? If any one on here is good at making this kinda stuff, let me know!


Professional edition user
Posted Wed 31 Mar 10 @ 9:47 pm
Well, there are always various ways to accomplish this. That being said, the choice is up to you. I know that sounds like a non-answer, but here's how I've done a few of mine:

Sony Acid Pro - Recorded it into the program and edited the eq and pitch until I got it just where i wanted it to be.

Korg KP3 - Flipped the MIC switch on. Recorded a few tries with a few effects(LFO, Pan+Echo) re-looped it through the sample banks a few times with some more effects(Pitch, Distort, Vocoder) and saved them as .wav samples or just kept them in the KORG sample bank to trigger at any time.

VDJ - In essence, the same process can be done with virtual Dj as was completed with the Korg KP3. In the options for recording, make sure that the option for Mic+Line Recording is selected, so that once you want to record something with your mic input in the mix, it's actually picked up( I actually did a 2 hour set recording and thought my mic input was turned on, AWKWARD!!!! But i was able to edit out the silences later with ACID PRO and pop in announcements and effects before I put out the mixes to the masses).

Also, understand that before you even get into recording your samples, you have to be prepared to match them with your style/music. That may strongly determine your sample type in the area of which effects you're going to use, even down to what you'll say. A DJ Name sample can take me a minimum of 3 hours to do because of how I want it to sound; Decent quality, absolute clarity, and fitting to my style and the music that i'm playing at the time. For example, If playing Usher - Daddy's Home (Hey Daddy), why would i play a DJ CLU3 volumed shout out sample dropping my name IF that is not my style? Every one's style is different, consider what works for you...

P.S. - What's wrong with using a mic during live performances?


Professional edition user
Posted Sun 25 Nov 12 @ 5:13 pm
your are now rockin with dj bibbz get ready become sexified


Limited edition user
Posted Tue 02 Jul 13 @ 9:20 pm
i need to set my dj sample i dnt knw how to do it


Experienced pro user
Posted Wed 03 Jul 13 @ 5:11 am
pls dnt txt spk n ths frm.

What do you mean by "set my dj sample"?


Ultra-VIP Member
Premium Member
Posted Sun 14 Jul 13 @ 1:51 pm
The is a producer in the german forum. He also produces all kind of personal teasers and drops.
Check it out ;-)

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