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JeremKPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2004

Posted Fri 22 Jan 10 @ 12:47 pm
how can i register to linces

Posted Mon 04 Oct 10 @ 4:30 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Go to tab at top of page where it says "modify my profile".

Posted Mon 04 Oct 10 @ 4:54 am
TinnyKTHome userMember since 2010
Hi, I have an issue, where I have bought Virtual DJ Pro 6, and have registered the license.
However, as of today (since VDJ Pro 7 came out) and thinking to myself I could update the software, i am given an error where it says I currently have no license whatsoever.

I tried registering it (again) on my profile, however, it gave me an error where it says the license is already registered.
I hence tried re-opening the browser etc, however, it doesnt seem to work.

Might be due to internet connection at my work place, will try again later, however, if this is a real issue that anyone has experienced/experiencing,
any type of help/contribution would be appreciated,
Many thanks,

(P.S. just noticed the effect/skins cannot be downloaded by me as well, giving me the current license does not allow me to etc.)

Posted Thu 04 Nov 10 @ 4:29 am
Nevermind, false alarm, figured out what was wrong (was using an older account that I created years ago, and the registered one was a recent new account)

Posted Thu 04 Nov 10 @ 4:36 am
Hello I just went and bought a numark mixtrack and i got the virtual dj limited edition and i am still unable to get skins plz help me

Posted Sun 19 Jun 11 @ 1:40 am
that is a huge rip off
i thought this sight helps you become a better Dj

Posted Tue 06 Sep 11 @ 9:40 pm
Tear Em 'UpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006
This site helps you use the software more effectively. Only you can make yourself a better DJ, by practicing.

Posted Wed 07 Sep 11 @ 6:50 am
Make one of these threads a sticky so the future NLU's son't have to ask the question, i.e. why can I download skins.

Posted Wed 07 Sep 11 @ 2:50 pm
There already is a sticky by djdad explaining things in detail but people just don't read them.


Posted Wed 07 Sep 11 @ 3:29 pm
I bough a numark Mix Deck and it says it comes wth virtual Dj le and the driver, but it wasn't in the mixdeck box. who do i contact, cuz the online store says it not their reposobility. help me please.

Posted Thu 06 Oct 11 @ 8:57 am
taylaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I would summize it's your online store just passing the buck, tell them if you don't get satisfaction you will report them to paypal or whoever you paid through.

They sold goods "not intent for purpose" so in English law at least you have recourse for a refund, unless of course this was sold as used/second hand. In that case I'd doubt if Numark would help you.

Either way Atomix wouldn't be able to assist you I'd presume.

Good Luck.

Posted Thu 06 Oct 11 @ 7:24 pm
Hey. I have a vdj 7 pro and on the vdj site, i entered the serial where it says modify my profile, and it says invalid serial! What should I do

Posted Fri 14 Oct 11 @ 7:52 pm

Posted Fri 14 Oct 11 @ 9:29 pm
ibostonHome userMember since 2012
please what license do i need to have

Posted Wed 30 May 12 @ 6:36 am

Posted Wed 30 May 12 @ 7:54 am
mcmaboLE userMember since 2012
i bought reloop beatmix......i need to download the mappers from here but cant because it says Your current licenses do not allow you to download Controllers. Though i put the serial for Virtual DJ LE Beatmix on modify my profile i still cant download. Can anybody at least give me the mappers?I need them.

Posted Mon 30 Jul 12 @ 10:15 am
VirtualDJ LE for BeatMix already has the default mapper built-in. Nothing needs to be downloaded. The above download is for full VirtualDJ Pro users only (Pro doesn't have built-in native support for the BeatMix yet due to this being a new controller that has been released recently.)

You can download VirtualDJ LE for the BeatMix from your download center:

NOTE: Mappers are only available to users who have purchased or upgraded to the full VirtualDJ Professional: - VirtualDJ LE is free limited software and doesn't support using custom mappers, skins, effects, etc. (Except during the time-limited trial of the full Pro.) You can upgrade to the full Pro at a discount by going to

Posted Mon 30 Jul 12 @ 12:42 pm
may i have skin

Posted Fri 03 May 13 @ 6:51 am

Posted Fri 03 May 13 @ 7:31 am
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