Laser Beat

Name: Laser Beat
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Date added: Tue 11 Oct 16 @ 4:21 am
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LaserBeat is a Sound Effect plug-in for Virtual DJ.

When enabled in one or more decks, the plug-in sends BPM and audio-related information to Pangolin software such as QuickShow and BEYOND.

The plug-in allows you to create precisely synchronized laser shows, and also to modify the laser imagery based on the audio, enabling a degree of music visualization.

Note that the Laser Beat plugin does not EFFECT (i.e. "modify") the audio as many other Audio Effects do. However, Laser Beat does internal processing, and sends both audio and beat related information to Pangolin's laser software such as QuickShow and BEYOND.

Since QuickShow is sold in popular music stores in the United States and Europe, there are currently more than 60,000 QuickShow users. Many of them are not aware of Virtual DJ. We can say the same thing about Virtual DJ users not aware of QuickShow. Nevertheless, there is certainly a large "cross over" for both programs to appeal to the same users, many of whom are DJs.

QuickShow and the plugin have been in testing since March 2016. There are already some discussions about it here on Virtual DJ forums here:
and here:

You can see a video we made at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow (forwarded directly to the most relevant part of the video) here: